Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Lucky me!

Guten Tag,

First of all sorry for not posting more on the class but I want to wait for feedback from Kekai and incorporate it in the pieces before I show them. Hopefully he can find some time soon!

Nevertheless I feel rather lucky and honored to be able to work with the guys at SIXMOREVODKA for the next week as I'm doing a 5 day internship in Berlin. I get the opportunity to learn a ton from these guys because I was lucky enough to score first place in a drawing competition about the new Xmen movie release.

Last but certainly not least I was finaly able to finish a piece I was not able to find the time to finish and today was the day. A few weeks ago it was my pleasure to have the wonderful Denise as a model for two days of life drawing. Besides many pencil sketches I've also done one digital piece I want to share in my blog together with it's process. Thanks a lot Denise it was a pleasure :)

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